Dr. med. Tina Zodan Otto

Tina Zodan Otto, MD, is married and mother of two children. She speaks German, English, Italian and Croatian.

Diplomas and certificates


Certificate of competence for the use of laboratory in medical practice (KHMK).

Certificate of competence in laser treatment of the skin and mucous membranes (SGML) "House of Skin and Laser Medicine", Dr. Rümmelein AG.



Certificate of Competence in Psychosomatic and Psychosocial Medicine (FMH/SAPPM).

Certificate of competence in pregnancy sonography (SGUM/SSUM).


Medical specialist examination part 2 (FMH Title of medical specialist in gynecology and obstetrics; and operative gynecology).



Medical specialist examination part 1 (written examination).


Basic examination in gynecology and obstetrics.



Doctorate "Cardiac troponin T in umbilical cord blood" under senior consultant Dr. F Krähenmann and PD Dr. R. Chaoui.


State examination in human medicine in Zagreb, Croatia.



Professional career

  • 2021: Opening of own gynecological practice in Rüschlikon.
  • 2016: Senior physician, Women´s Clinic, See-Spital Horgen, (Dr. med. P. Kostov).
  • 2012: Attending physician, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, City Hosptial Triemli, Zurich (Dr. med. B. von Castellberg, Dr. med. S. von Orelli).
  • 2009: Attending physician, Women's Clinic, Cantonal Hospital Glarus (Dr. med. N. K. von Rechenberg-Oberer).
  • 2009: Resident physician, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Hospital Zurich (Prof. D. Fink, Prof. R. Zimmermann).
  • 2008: Resident physician, Clinic for Visceral and Transplant Surgery, University Hospital Zurich (Professor P. A. Clavien).
  • 2007: Resident physician at the Women's Clinic, Cantonal Hospital Winterthur (Dr. med. T. Hess).
  • 2002: Resident physician, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, University Hospital Zurich (Prof. D. Fink, Prof. R. Zimmermann).
  • 2002: Research assistant in the Perinatal Physiology Research Department, University Hospital Zurich (Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. R. Huch).
  • 2000: Doctoral student in the Perinatal Physiology Research Department, University Hospital, Zurich.
  • 1999: Research assistant, Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Sveti Duh, Zagreb, Croatia (Prof. Dr. med. A. Kurjak).


  • 1999: State qualifying examination, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb.
  • 1997: Diploma at the Medical Faculty of the University of Zagreb.
  • 1997: Trainee at the University Hospital Eppendorf, Ear-Nose-Throat Dept., Hamburg.
  • 1995: Visiting student at University College Hospital, London.
  • 1993: Student assistant in the Department of Histology and Embryology, University of Zagreb.
  • 1991: Studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb.
  • 1987: Secondary school in Zadar, Croatia. Matura with distinction.
  • 1979: Primary school in Zadar, Croatia. Graduated with distinction.


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